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My thoughts on how the project turned out after having lived with the results foe awhile.    --Mike
Trans Am Modifications
Updated: August 15 2018

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Initial problems and issues I hope to resolve with this rebuild:

  • 383 stroker engine uses too much oil.
  • Small oil leak that no one could find.
  • Engine vibration beginning at 3000 RPM and worsening to 6000 RPM.
  • Endless issues with the Borla headers and Y-pipe.
  • Left O2 sensor requires a harness extender.
  • Sparkplug wires currently require routing over the valve covers to avoid being burned on the headers.
  • Only the right motor mount is Poly... I couldn't change the left one.

What I changed:

  • Switch from Borla to MAC headers(Jet-Hot coated).
  • Switch from Total Seal GaplessĀ® second rings to GaplessĀ® top rings
  • Switch from standard header flange bolts to Stage-8 bolts
  • Went back to routing the sparkplug wires in the stock(factory) location

Final results:

  • After 1500 miles, engine STILL uses oil !!!!!
  • Oil leak stopped! I believe this was comming from the water pump drive seal.
  • Engine vibration stopped.
  • No more leaking exhaust flanges. Thanks to Mac Headers.

Some things never change...

  • Don't trust that the parts/services you recieve will be correct for your application.  If they ARE correct, they may not work as you had hoped!
  • Measure EVERYTHING-- TWICE!!!!!
  • Nothing is sacred...  EVERYONE is capable of errors, oversights, omissions and/or conflicting opinions.