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Trans Am Modifications
Updated: August 15 2018

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Honeing operation in progress.
Scott at Stroker Motor installing cam bearings.
To the left is a pic of the throttle body.   I'm holding the throttle wide open so you can see how the screws securing throttle blades protrude into the air stream.  The left blade has been removed.  Pic to the right is of the screw I'm using to replace the stock throttle blade screws.
After the throttle blades were removed, I drilled and taped the throttle shaft holes to the size of the new screws.  Pic to the right is of the new screw compared to two of the original screws.
I had to countersink the holes in the throttle blade to accommodate the new screw heads.  I installed the throttle blades screws with some Loctite then ground off the excess length so they were flush with the throttle shaft.
Box of 8 new SRP forged pistons to the left.  File fitting the Total Seal gapless piston rings on the right.
Checking ring end gaps on the left.  Pic of a Callies forged connecting rod on the right.

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