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Trans Am Modifications
Updated: August 15 2018

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The pic on the right REALLY illustrates the inadequate clearance under the Borla header flange for ignition wires.  There's virtually NO space there.  Check out the room under the flange of the MACs.

I'm gonna miss building my own ignition wires all the time...  NOT!

Don't let the ragged looks of the Borlas fool ya:  They were expensive.  They're stainless steel. They perform well.  About 30 min. in a media blaster and they'd look GREAT too!
This illustrates the issue I had with the Borla headers: Notice how close the primary tubes run to the header flange?  On a stock motor, that's where the ignition wires are routed.  I had to reroute the wires over the valve covers -- a pain -- to keep the wires from burning.  Compare them to the MACs on the left which have PLENTY of room under the header flange for wires.  Notice also on the MACs:  the O2 sensor bung is positioned upstream from the Y-pipe flair fitting... where it should be!
Here's Scott at Stroker Motors busy working on a customers motor.  That looks a lot like a Chevrolet Big Block on the engine stand.  Care to guess what the finished displacement might be?
Here's my block having the deck surfaced.
Here's my block being bored.
Boring operation in progress.

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