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Here's a list of the steps required to remove and reinstall the engine in my car. It's not complete by any means so use it at your own risk. Note that the sequence includes the removal of a Powerdyne supercharger. I'm planning making refinements to the list when time permits.    --Mike
Trans Am Modifications
Updated: August 15 2018

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Step Instruction Wrench Size Torque
1 remove the hood 1/2 in 4 places
2 disconnect battery neg. first; then pos.; then hold-down clamp 3/8; 5/16; 13mm
3 remove the battery and begin trickle charge
4 begin discharging the a/c system
5 loosen the fuel tank filler cap to relieve pressure
Working under the car:
6 remove 2 bolts securing rear of cat. converter 15mm
7 remove both O2 sensors 22mm
8 remove Y-pipe 9/16 with 8mm cap screws
9 remove the starter 2 bolts
10 remove the starter power and control wires 13mm, 8mm
11 remove 4 bolts securing the bell housing dust cover 10mm
12 disconnect wire from knock sensor
13 remove ground from engine block at the right motor mount 11mm
14 remove the clamp securing 2 wires to passenger motor mount 14mm
15 remove dip stick tube clamp bolt 3/8
16 remove the bracket securing the a/c compressor rear to engine block. lower bolt is short 10mm
17 remove a/c compressor rear bracket to engine block bolt 14mm
18 remove drive shaft 11mm
19 remove the torque arm and transmission tail shaft mounting bracket 21mm / 15mm
20 disconnect harness from oil level sender
21 disconnect harness from on drivers side transmission
22 pull drivers side harness up from the top of engine
23 remove drivers side O2 sender from harness
24 remove tension from the accessory drive belt and remove the belt 1/2 socket
25 remove crank pulley 5/8
26 remove 2 bolts securing the belt tensioner 10mm (bolt is an 8mm x 1.25 thread)
27 disconnect right and left cooling fan connector
28 remove the cable clamps from the fan shroud
29 remove the cable tie from the right side of radiator. Don't cut.
30 remove the cable tie from the right side of radiator. Don't cut.
31 release fan assembly by raising up and remove from bottom
32 remove lower a/c condenser hose 20mm, 24mm
33 remove the alternator 1/2"  and 15mm
34 remove alternator power lead and connector 13mm
35 remove alternator bracket to intake bracket nut 9/16"
36 remove valve covers 3/8"
37 remove the throttle body cable cover 7mm
38 remove brake booster vacuum hose
39 relieve fuel system pressure
40 disconnect fuel supply and return spring lock connectors; set aside
41 disconnect throttle and cruise control cable at throttle body
42 remove throttle cable; cruse control cable
43 remove powerdyne intake elbow
44 remove air pump outlet hose
45 remove coil wire
46 remove ignition coil leads and coil 14mm
47 remove ignition coil bracket
48 remove upper radiator support 8mm
49 remove powedyne discharge tube
50 remove powerdyne drive belt 9/16
51 remove accessory drive belt
52 drain cooling system
53 remove the small dia. radiator to water pump hose lower left on radiator

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